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Category:2012 films Category:Indian films Category:Telugu remakes of Hindi films Category:Indian comedy-drama films Category:Telugu film scores by G. V. Prakash Kumar Category:Telugu remakes of Malayalam films Category:Films scored by Mohan Sithara Category:Films directed by Sreenu VaitlaScalping refers to the custom of scalping (taking) wolves and coyotes around campfires. The practice has been known for centuries as a part of many cultures and religions (like many older occult practices). It was widely accepted until the 1850s when the US Fish and Wildlife Service outlawed the practice and began shooting wolves to control them. The scalp-price used to vary depending on the location and the authority but the price for one scalp was about $2.00 in 1900. In the 1940s the price was about $4.00. The First Scalp: They would often bring in a wolf or coyote and hold them at a distance of a few hundred yards. The entire family would scalp the animal which would be taken to a campfire. The most impressive scalps were often brought in, set on fire, and used as decorations at firesides. The Scalp Game: Back in the 1800s the premium was on scalps over live skins. This was known as the scalp game. People would try to scalp wolves and coyotes that were being used for bounty and for the skull. This would often mean bringing in the animal and releasing it just before the dead animals were taken from the field. Nowadays, many people do not scalp the animals that they sell for bounty or for sale. They scalp them instead of bringing the live animal. Scalping a Wolf: Scalping a wolf would be done with a sharp knife at a distance from the carcass. The would be stretched the skin out and would score where the hair began. The scalp would then be taken with a combination of one or two incisions and a few slits. The best scalps would have long, narrow, clean cuts extending from the main incision to the skin. History of Scalping Traditionally, scalping has been known as “The Rite of Excision” and practiced by various indigenous people, including Native Americans, Plains tribes and Caribou. Scalping may have been first practiced by the Indigenous peoples in order to remove the hair that covered their bodies and



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